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Tribute 3 Fet (U47 Fet) Microphone


Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

In 1969, Neumann released the U47 Fet  microphone.  This release was very timely and Neumann’s reasoning for this release was both timely and sound.

The dramatic swing seen by the electronics industry toward transistor based circuits was at an all time high.  Transistors were quiet, inexpensive to manufacture and readily available; three advantages that unfortunately could not be said for the VF14 Vacuum Tube.  The were also two other reasons that were advantageous to the manufacture of this microphone; firstly, due to the circuit not requiring an external power supply, Neumann were able to both reduce manufacture cost and also reduce studio’s of unwanted clutter and ease of portability.  Who would have known that this microphone would have become so sought after more than 40 years later!


The sound of the U47 Fet microphone, though similar to it’s big brother the U47 was of it’s own character.  The U47 Fet microphone had a very low self-noise but the sound was robust.  The lows were thick and punchy, the highs were real and not overdone and the mids although not magical like it’s tube counterpart were pleasant and never cumbersome.


When we set out to make our BeesNeez Tribute 3, we had a few goals in mind, they were; maintain the signal integrity of the original, improve on build quality and materials and unlike the original, ensure that male/female pin mating was kept to a minimum (the U47 Fet suffered many reliability issues due to sub assemblies that were “clip together parts”) and lastly, we wanted to make the Tribute 3 available with both our K7 and M7 capsules.


The BeesNeez T3 is at home with kick drums, room duties, piano’s and guitars, it also sounds amazing on horns and wind instruments and will work very well for you as a vocal microphone.

Product Code: Tri03

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