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Shelise Tube Condenser Microphone


Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

The Shelise Condenser Microphone has enough edge to allow the captured source to cut through and be the focal point of the mix if needed, but not so much that it starts to sound gritty or spitty. The BeesNeez K6 [K67] microphone capsule is perfect if you are looking for a microphone with a hyper-extending top end, without the associate artifacts that make modern microphones sound unmusical. The Shelise will fit very well into your microphone arsenal.

Circuit Design

The Shelise features our very own designed E-Core single-spool transformer. The E-Core transformer in this microphone offers us the advantage of a low-leakage transformer and a small physical size. We have also found during our testing phase that E-Core transformers such as this one offer a lower susceptibility to core magnetization. When a core becomes magnetized, the lamination permeability is reduced. Many phantom-powered microphones that do not have carefully chosen transformers over the years become magnetized and the functionality of the transformer is drastically reduced.

The capsule in the Shelise is our BeesNeez K6 microphone capsule, which is a perfect replica of the K6. It is a dual backplate K6 capsule made identical to the original K67. Our mylar is 6 micron DuPont that we personally frame, sputter, tune, and fix to the backplate, which we also wholly manufacture.

The tube in the Shelise is a JAN 5784WB Raytheon.

Sonic Characteristics

Sonically, the Shelise is smooth and bright without any gritty or spitty sibilance range, with extending highs, flat mids, and a robust bottom end. The Shelise has enough edge to allow the captured source to cut through and be the focal point of the mix if needed.

Build Quality

The Shelise body tube is made from a single piece of cold-formed 380 grade brass tube. We love using the 380 grade brass tube in this particular microphone because the high copper content in the 380 tube provides excellent rejection and shielding. After machining the body, it is sent to a local powder coater for completion. The base, like the body tube, is made from 380 grade brass. However, this time it’s a solid brass round that we cut and form in our very own 8-axis CNC turning center. The head grille is integrated in the body tube, by cutting windows into the body tube.

What’s Included:
– Shelise Tube Condenser Microphone
– Suspension Shock Mount
– BeesNeez Studio Series Power Supply

– 7 Pin Microphone Cable


Capsule Type: BeesNeez K6 Microphone Capsule [K67]

Frequency Range / Sensitivity:

Omnidirectional (11mV/Pa: 20 – 20,000Hz)
Cardioid (20 mV/Pa: 20 – 20,000Hz)
Bi-directional (14mV/Pa: 20-20,000Hz)

Polar Pattern: 9 – Switchable from omni- to bi- directional

Impedance: 200 ohms

Max SPL: 116 dB

Tube Type: JAN 5784WB Raytheon

Power Requirements: 120V/240V


Product Code: SHECPDGD8

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