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Lily Ribbon Microphone


4.5 average, based on 2 reviews

Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

Nearly all ribbon microphones manufactured today have adopted the small body and ribbon concept. Our Lily is different, we have adopted the larger body and larger ribbon styling and we feel that this styling and build have greatly added to the sonic and physical beauty of the Lily, so much so that we could not be happier with the end result.

Our internal ribbon element is the source of the lily’s beauty. We have settled on a very large ribbon with low self resonance (5.1mm wide and 40mm long) with no dampening and a 60 degree crimping style. The frequencies captured by the lily range from below 30hz through to 20k+ and are reproduced with a smooth elegance that is very forgiving with a unique tone that flatters any source.

You will notice when you see the Lily ribbon microphone for the first time that it is truly unique, there is no plating above the base, just 3 different shades of metal that finished to a glistening lustre. This is not just for beauty’s sake. Ribbon microphones rely on a strong magnetic vortex in which the ribbon vibrates to create the small amount of electricity that is then amplified by the transformer. If another ferromagnetic surface ie; a nickel or chrome plate is introduced within the near vicinity of this magnetic field, it can and will create a polar disturbance that will affect the sonic reproduction of the microphone.

Our many hours of research and development will bring to you many years of amazing sounds.

Product Code: lily1

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5

modern ribbon with a lot of character

To my mind, the Lily deserves 5 stars. If one expects to find THE ONE mic that makes the best solution for EVERY instrument/recording application, there will be no 5 star verdict at all, as such a microphone supposedly will never exist. The Lily does its job VERY well on a broad range of possible recording purposes, and that's the top compliment for a mic one can make. My recording field is classical chamber music, mainly piano music, and there you have one of the most widespread frequency ranges (only topped by a pipe organ). The Lily does its fine work on that frequency range with lots of character and charm!! -- A huge, mighty bass, but not of the overwhelming, down-beating sort, but with a somewhat indirect, nearly bell-like noblesse. -- Contoured mids, preventing possible muddiness of sound. Nevertheless sort of a "creamy" tone. -- And silky, but pronounced and luminous highs. The whole results in a contrast-rich sound that nevertheless flatters the source in a ribbon-typical way. It is this synthesis that makes me speak of a "modern" interpretation of a ribbon mic. The Lily has definitely more to offer than just the recreation of well-known ribbon concepts with their traditional focus on a darker, more veiled sound. AND Lily is very forgiving/tolerant in terms of different preamp input impedances, which is not too small a compliment with regard to the many users that might not have several different preamp types at hand or preamp models with changeable input impedance. --> Strong recommendation for the Lily! (I recently ordered my 2nd Lily...)

Tobias Bigger :: Apr 17 2014, 22:37 pm

Excellent Vintage Ribbon Tone!

First of all, I would like to say don't be discouraged by the 4/5 stars! Because what this microphone does, it does VERY well. It has a very dark tone that has serious weight and substance to it. Very much like classic ribbon sounds, and in spades. I own quite a few ribbons (AEA,R84, N22 Beyer 130/160) and while I can say that they all have their use, this one has much more CHARACTER than any of them. And while it is indeed very rich, I would also say this may be the one weakness of the microphone. While I have tried it on many sources, I will say that unlike the something like the Lulu where I can throw it at everything and have it work, I do not feel like the Lily will always win for certain applications. For Brass/Sax/ even kick drum and overheads, and especially male vocals (this mic is awesome for that! Brings out the manliness!), I find that it is really perfect. For female vocals or quiet instruments, I do find myself looking for other mics to capture the sound. The other downside is the weight of the mic. It is pretty heavy, so buy a good stand! But again, for what this microphone excels at, it is priceless and without comparison.

Michael Carmona :: Mar 07 2014, 14:26 pm

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