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Beesneez K7 - K47 Microphone Capsule DIY or Replacement

$525.00 $345.00

Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

The BeesNeez K7 microphone capsule is hand made in our factory in NSW Australia.  Capsule manufacture is a true art and although many claims are made by others to make capsules it is easy to recognise the ones that do. All Beesneez capsules are designed to be a replacement or DIY capsule. Through years of development we have created, what we think, is one of the best capsules ever made.

The K7 capsule is a hybrid between the K47 and M7, as it is assembled like the K47 with the blind and through hole design of an M7. This we have found to be a beautiful marriage between two amazing microphone capsule designs. If you have a microphone that has hyped high frequencies then the K7 capsule, will help. 

The BeesNeez K7 capsule is made onsite in our factory and hand lapped before the diaphragm is carefully tuned and assembled.

The 6 micron mylar is sputtered right here in our shop, one thing that sets the Beesneez Microphones K7 apart from others is the determination to bring to the market a truely Australian made product. Most chinese capsules use 3 micron mylar, but this is not original and will not yeild the same results. We know that you will not disappointed.


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Product Code: K7E6

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