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Elly Fet Microphone


5.0 average, based on 3 reviews

Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

The BeesNeez Elly is a Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone that has a rich and warm rounded tone that will work in many applications but is optimised for vocal applications due to the fixed cardioid pattern. The Elly is supplied with an elastic suspension mount. In the design phase of the Elly, a few deciding factors were addressed being; portability, self noise and sibilance. The end result; a phantom powered transformer balanced fet microphone that is optimised for the new low voltage bias version of the BeesNeez K7 Capsule.


Electrically and acoustically the Elly is of a superior build quality to many microphones made today. The head grill is bronze with brass mesh that is then nickel plated with a bright nickel finish. The body tube and base are made from brass giving the Elly a substantial weight and great structural integrity.


As with all BeesNeez Producer Series Microphones, the Elly is all made in the BeesNeez factory in Kyogle, NSW Australia and when we say all made, we mean all inc the Capsule, Capsule saddle, Body, base and head grill. The Elly uses the BeesNeez K7 capsule as is used in the BeesNeez Arabella and T1, the K7 has an almost linear response up to the upper mids and above 2000hz there is a slight boost of 2 to 3db which then starts to roll off at 17000hz. The head grill that houses the Beesneez K7 capsule has been designed as a triple layer unit that not only smoothes annoying highs but also acts as an effective plosive and moisture barrier.  We have prevented RF interference that may influence the audio signal whilst giving the mic that warm non-clinical feel that is so desired in modern recording and performance.










Product Code: Elly1

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


This mic sounds fantastic! I am vo actor and now this is my microphone number 1. Immediately after recording is ready to mix. Rich, balanced sound with unusual warmth. I would absolutely recommend vo actors and singers.

Hubert :: Dec 29 2016, 23:09 pm

Get a pair!

Amazing 'workhorse' Fets. They're my standard piano mics these days and great for background vocals and dialogue also.

Stefan Nowak :: Mar 31 2014, 16:29 pm

Bested them all

This mic is a gem! It beat out most if not all of the mics that I have come across to date for vocals. It sounds like there is a tube in the thing. It is warm with a nice bottom and open top. It is high mid forward just enough to sit in the mix with minimal eq. This one is a must for any BN fan, and probably any studio ower in general!

Casey :: Jul 07 2011, 03:53 am

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