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Beesneez Tribute 4 M49


5.0 average, based on 2 reviews

Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

The M49 is an international favourite, revered by many to be the best microphone ever made. For almost 70 years, the M49 has molded our listening by being used in countless millions of recordings, from the 50's right through to today. The M49 was the first microphone to utilise the slant grille technique, this allows the artist to rely their level of skill and reduces the sometimes unwanted proximity effect that is exhibited by microphones without the slant grille. 

The manufacture of this microphone takes manufacturing excellence to its limit. We painstakingly hand press and cut the grilles, followed by hand mandrel forming of the top mesh rail. The unique swivel screw connector made only by Beesneez Microphones adds to the structural integrity and longevity of the Beesneez Tribute 4, the bakerlite and the turned gold pin connectors ensure many thousands of plug and unplugs, giving your microphone a very long life span. 

Capsule: Beesneez M7.

Power Supply: Multi-Pattern Beesneez PSU

Ships in: Wooden Box

Product Code: BEE1RO8F10

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

T4/M49 Where have you been??

I received my T4 today, please let me tell you, the mic and connector/mount are built like a tank, it's also as heavy as a tank. Ben tells me it's made out of bronze not some cheap alloy. :) Bees Neez microphones yet again deliver real quality that until recently could only be experienced in vintage Mics from the glory days of a previous mystical nostalgic era that people mostly dream of and read about in books. The moment I heard this microphone I realised quickly that I would soon be needing another, the sound of vocals is so balanced and silky smooth, being a valve mic with hand-wound transformers the T4 is at the same time warm and clear, sibilance is smooth with no edges to the sound, diction sounds remarkably thick and even, the T4 is so balanced you would barely need to eq, it's hard to make this mic sound bad. I tried it on vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar amp, overheads, room mic and it completely excelled on all applications, surprising me each time with not only how good it sounded but also how solid the sound/phase of the audio captured played back. I've been using Bees Neez since their early days, being a full time award winning producer for 24+ years with over 160 records under my belt I've owned and heard more microphones than you can poke a stick at and I can honestly say that the T4 is one of the greats, it's definitely now the best microphone I own. Please don't tell anyone else how good the T4 is I want to order another now! Govinda Doyle

Govinda Doyle :: Apr 12 2018, 00:43 am

Tribute 4

I'd been searching for a microphone with the character of an M49 for a while and when I saw Beesneez developed one in that sonic department, I took the plunge. Though my time with the microphone has been brief, I have absolutely ZERO regrets about the purchase and it has catapulted to the top of my favorite mics that I own (among which are some phenomenal mics). A lot of people seem to find the sonic character of an M49 polarizing, but from using this mic I can tell you that it has a very natural representation of its input source and takes compression and EQ beautifully. I have used it on male vocals, piano, and acoustic guitar and it sounds wonderful. I have no hesitancies about recommending this microphone to those searching for an M49 clone - or simply a fantastic microphone in general. The Tribute 4 will receive much use around my studio. Additionally, Veronica was very easy to communicate with and answered any and all questions I had. Beesneez is on my short-list on manufacturers when it comes to microphone purchases that provide the best quality for what feels like a more than fair price for what their products deliver.

Zach :: Feb 08 2018, 07:17 am

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