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Beesneez Tribute 1 Tube Condenser Microphone (U47)


Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

The Neumann U47 is one of the most revered microphones of all time, racking up more number one hits then perhaps any other microphone in history. A microphone that is over sixty years old and yet still is the go to condenser microphone for many high budget, large-scale recording studios.


What made the U47 so special? It had the ability to bring out the special source nuance of everything it captured. No single component in the U47 was anything super special or previously unused, however the magical combination or shall we say the sum of all of its parts truly made it an amazing tool of the trade. 


At BeesNeez Microphones we don’t like to make gains from the glory of others, so we decided with our Tribute 1 condenser microphone to make it sonically equal to the U47, but we gave it more features, stronger build and lower noise. 

The T1 feels like a hot knife through butter, effortlessly bringing out the best of any captured source. 

“The T1 can basically run your studio for you while you pop off down the beach. Seriously though, the presence of any of these microphones in your studio will make it a better place to work in, and if you can stump up for the T1 in particular you’ll find that recording just got a whole lot easier and more fun.” Greg Walker, Audio Technology Magazine


The T1's 2461 NiCo transformer's larger size and high nickel content achieves better low end rolling off at 20 Hz, equivalent to the original U47 design. The T1 uses NOS EF Series Steel Tubes from the 1940's - 50's giving it that U47 sound that is so desirable.

The T1 condenser microphone features our dual lapped M7 capsule and comes with a custom built power supply, Beesneez Connector and Lead, ships in a wooden box. 

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details, 

Product Code: TRI45

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