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Beesneez Elly Fet Studio


Manufacturer: Beesneez Microphones

Product Information

The BeesNeez Elly is a Large Diaphragm Fet Condenser microphone that has a rich and warm rounded tone that will work in many applications but is optimised for vocal applications due to the fixed cardioid pattern. The Elly fet microphone is supplied with a suspension mount.

In the design phase of the Elly, a few deciding factors were addressed being; portability, self noise and sibilance. The end result; a phantom powered transformer balanced fet microphone that is optimised to work seamlessly with our world famous BeesNeez K7 Capsule.

Electrically and acoustically the Elly fet microphone is of a superior build quality to many microphones made today. As with all BeesNeez Studio Series Microphones, the Elly is all made in the BeesNeez factory in Ballina, NSW Australia and when we say all made, we mean all including the Capsule, microphone body.

The Elly uses the BeesNeez K7 capsule as is used in the BeesNeez Arabella and Tribute 1, the K7 has an almost linear response up to the upper mids and above 2000hz there is a slight boost of 2 to 3db which then starts to roll off at 17000hz. 

The Elly Studio Series and Producer Series both feature identical circuity. The studio series comes in our one piece solid brass body grille, allowing a cost saving that can be passed onto you. 

Product Code: BEE6IUCD87

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