Replacement Microphone Capsules

Microphone capsule manufacture is an art that has been mastered by Beesneez Microphones CEO Ben Sneesby. To get that perfect sound Beesneez Microphones not only manufacture capsules for their own microphones but also the DIY Microphone community. Please watch the manufacturing videos and see them being made. 

Beesneez Microphones K7 Capsule

The BeesNeez K7 microphone capsule is hand made in our factory in NSW Australia. All Beesneez capsules are designed to be a replacement or DIY capsule. Through years of development we have come up with, what we think, is one of the best capsules ever made.

The K7 capsule is a hybrid between the K47 and M7, as it is assembled like the K47 with the blind and through hole design of an M7. This we have found to be a beautiful marriage between two amazing microphone capsule designs. 

PURCHASE NOW $525.00 (gst not included)

Beesneez M7 Capsule

Beesneez Microphones M7 Capsule

The Beesneez M7 microphone capsule is hand made in our Australian factory from the original gun barrel material that Neumann used more then 65 years ago. Until recently this material was not available but lots of research and bulk buying has enabled us to have it re-made. The M7 was made famous in microphones such as the Neumann M49, U47 microphones also the Gefell CMV563 and many others since. The main reason for the popularity of this capsule is its realistic analogy of the source material, its great mathematic proximity producablity and its sultry overtones.

The Beesneez M7 is a sonic match for the original Neumann M7, with one small difference, improved pattern and time/phase relationship. What does this mean in the real world? If you are recording with multiple Beesneez M7 capsules (orchestral etc) the time/phase relationship between all of the microphones is noticeably improved compared to the original. Does this change the sound of our capsule? No, it sounds the same as an original. Does the Beesneez M7 have better pattern response the original M7? Yes. For those out there who do not want any changes from the original that is fine, we can also do that. 

PURCHASE NOW $525 (gst not included)

Beesneez K6 Capsule

Beesneez Microphones K6 Capsule

The BeesNeez Microphones K6 microphone capsule is an impeccable recreation of the amazing Neumann U67 capsule. The capsule will be shipped with mount and saddle. This capsule is a great replacement microphone capsule or perfect for the DIY'er

PURCHASE NOW $525 (gst not included)

Beesneez K12 Capsule

Beesneez Microphones K12 Capsule

The Beesneez Microphones K12 replacement capsule is a multi-chambered CK12 styled capsule. As used in the Beesneez Tribute 2, which is a Tribute to the ELAM 251. This capsules is perhaps our greatest sonic triumph that boasts mechanical accuracy never obtainable in any previous CK12 type capsule.

PURCHASE NOW $650 (gst not included)